About Us

Bowskin is a hybrid of just a few crafts and skills that Joshua taught at college for many years; Naturally tanned (braitanned) buckskins, and Archery manufacturing. Bowskins Hides are obtained from multiple sources, hunters, hide dealers, and yes, even the unfortunate who get caught on a busy road. all tanned with the methods and materials explained and demonstrated for FREE on Bowskin archery's youtube page.

When you buy from Bowskin, you support small businesses, and families. all of our product are made here, "in house". our lumber is sourced from local mills and sustainable farms as much as possible.

The shop is usually noisy, the phone is not always heard. Dont be afraid or frustrated, calls and messages are ALWAYS returned.


Bowskin is always busy (good thing), but never to busy for help building your own projects, whether you buy from here or not. You will never feel pressure into the sale, and warranties are hassel free. How cool is that? happy customers give good refferals and it is greatly appriceated here!