72" Complete Longbow Stave kit

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Comes with 84" of our 2-ply, 14 strand Dacron B-50 string material, a prograde tillering stick, tillering string, and steel scraper. This kit provides you with all that you need! all the messy work has been done and its ready to tiller!


Design your own bow. Want to keep it simple? just choose the Hickory Self Bow option uder "ATTACH A BACKING". Want Than Bamboo Backed or Hickory Backed Stave? Just choose your belly wood and a backing type! Going out for that triple laminate Bow? dont forget to add the core type of your choice! Not sure what is right for you? Give me a shout, and Ill do the best I can to guide your through the options.

Want something different? Customize your kit right here! tailor it to your likes and specific needs!

Star with a simple self bow, or mix and match to make your own dual laminate, or triple laminate stave of your choice. options also include tip overlays and riser.  Our Pro-Grade Scraper handle really turns a simple scraper into a work horse, while saving your hands torture. usable in a push pull manner, this is a must, and everyone should have one! dont forget to add it to your kit!